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Buy old Gmail accounts

I think all social media users should aware of the name of Gmail. Because it is that free email service that is known as multi-purposes. Gmail is best from all other social media platforms because there is no expense of using this amazing service. So common people and social marketing companies prefer to use it rather than other services due to its feature of 0 cost. Another reason for using this service is that through the use of Gmail there is no need to use any other email service for maintaining the record because it has large numbers of free space that could be used to store all types of emails, documents, and files. Old Gmail accounts have many features that are only added in old accounts and all other accounts lose these features. Buy old Gmail accounts is the best way to maintaining an online business.

Buy old Gmail accounts


Thanks to Google for providing us the best free service that could be used for sending and receiving emails. Gmail is a web-based free email service that has 1 GB free data for data storage at creating time and also has dozens of features. It was created due to the demand of Google users because they face a lot of problems with regard to email services. The main reason for Gmail introducing is storage memory because other email services like Yahoo and Hotmail have lost the ability to store the messages. The users of both the above email services have not the facility of keeping data in large size. If any company wants to get extra storage memory then this company should be charge fee. As you know that it is possible to search for some important and specific messages in Gmail, so Yahoo could be used for searching anything but it is impossible to do this function while using Hotmail.

An important question came in mind that Gmail is a free email service then how it will manage its expense and it can earn a profit? So the answer is that Gmail sells advertisements and earn profit through this advertising. When a user uses Gmail then, Google adds some advertisements in these emails. Users were concerned that their email content was compromised. So Larry Page the Google co-founder reassures that there is no problem is adding advertisements. So these advertisements are in short message shape instead of banner etc. With the hard work of Paul Buchheit, Gmail was generating on April 1, 2004, has 1 GB data.

Some important facts about Gmail

As we mention above that Gmail is multi-purpose uses a free email service that has gains much popularity from its invention time till now. However, there are so many changes included in it from time to time. Here are some important facts related to Gmail.

1. Paul Buchheit is the creator of Gmail service and he offers this service to the public on April 1, 2004. But he starts work on it many years ago.

2. It was a secret project, so many senior developers of Google were unaware of this project. Its secret passcode was known as Caribou.

3. In November 2006, Gmail was able to use mobile devices through the addition of java-based applications.

4. In October 2007, Gmail used some rewriting codes that make high quality and improve the speed of Gmail. IMAP was also added in Gmail in this year.

5. Today the users of Gmail have increased up to 1.5 billion all over the world.

6. In January 2008, Gmail has updated its system due to those fake users of Gmail become unable to use it.

7. In December 2013, the users can see the pictures through email, and this system was made so secure that it is impossible to hack these. Because these pictures used through Google’s proxy servers instead of host servers.

8. It is impossible to hack the IP address of any user and also it is impossible for anyone to know which kind of device is using by other users.

9. There is an option in Gmail through that the sender can know about that time at which email was first opened.

10. Its growth rate is increasing as time passed and in June 2012, the number of its users was 425 million all over the world.

11. The number of its users was increased by up to 900 million and according to estimation, about 75% of people use mobile devices for using this service.

12. In February 2016, Gmail has cross 1 billion active users. In July 2017, the number of users increased up to 1.2 billion users. However, today the numbers of its active users are increased up to 1.5 billion those are large in size from all other email services.

13. Gmail is one of the biggest services that is using in more than 75% of online business companies are using this free email platform. It is a real fact that about 60% of online companies that are working for some years are using Gmail. While 92% started companies are using this service.

14. It is the unbeatable record of Gmail, that in May 2014, Gmail was installed more than 1 billion only on the Android version.

Buy aged Gmail accounts

Buy aged Gmail accounts

Google is the oldest and biggest social media platform that is using all over the world and today’s even children also aware of the name of Google. Google could be used for search engine but the best advantage of Google is providing lot numbers of other social media tools that could be used for individual and business purposes. Gmail was provided by Google on April 1, 2004, after the hard work of Google developer Paul Buchheit. The accounts created by Gmail could be used for lot numbers of purposes. Aged Gmail accounts have all those properties that are initial need for digital marketing. Gmail is much popular in social media platforms due to its strict security policies because security is the first priority of users. Promoting wanted companies prefer to buy aged Gmail accounts because you can gain all those features which are the key points for online business.

Features of Gmail

It should keep in mind that no one social media platform cannot get much popularity without useful features. So there are dozens of numbers of features of Gmail due to Gmail is a much popular email service among all other social media platforms. Other social media email services have not many useful features due to this reason Google release to introduce such an email service that has the ability to fulfill all the requirements of the modern era. I think its feature of much storage capacity is it’s one of the best features. Because, before the invention of Gmail, there was no other email service that has much storage memory. Another main feature of Gmail is that this service is free for its users. Other email services have only a maximum of 4 MB storage capacity, while it is amazing for Gmail users that you can send 25 MB files in just one click and also have the ability to receive 50 MB emails, files, and documents. These days, the capacity of Gmail extends to 15 GB. Google always tries to make Gmail, a best secure social media platform that could prove a good and more secure place for online business. Here are some important changes and features of Gmail.

1. Inline action buttons

This feature is count time saving because these buttons are used for immediate action. With adding this feature, you can delete any message, mark unread message to read, and also archive message with quick basic. Before this feature, it was impossible to delete a message through a single click. It was important to open the message then click on the menu bar and then delete option. So it was time expensive method but inline buttons are important for immediate actions. An important thing keeps in mind that the old trick is best for more than one email’s actions but inline buttons could be used for a single email.

2. The facility of the right-click menu

This feature is only applied only on the computer. You can do some important tricks through the right click of the mouse. This feature is also known as time-saving because through a single right-click, you should do some actions quickly. When you open an email and then right-click, you should get some options like reply, reply all, forward, delete and snooze, etc. You can select an option from them. So it is also the best and short way to process any option from them. The major drawback of this feature is that you can do it only on a computer, but this facility is not available on mobile devices.

3. Storage

Hotmail and Yahoo have a capacity of 4 MB and 2 MB. So these both email services were failed for online business because it should be deleted old data to save new data. But Gmail has 1 GB on April 1, 2004. And today it has 15 GB data for saving the emails, documents, and files. Due to its high storage space, users prefer to buy Gmail accounts rather than other email services.

Buy bulk Gmail accounts

Buy bulk Gmail accounts

No one can ignore the strength of Gmail accounts. But a single account cannot give many benefits to online companies. So the best trick for gaining many benefits from digital marketing is to buy bulk Gmail accounts. Gmail accounts are known as the best tools for social business. These bulks Gmail accounts are very important for creating other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. So for this purpose, the use of Gmail accounts in bulk size is the first option. Also, it is important for the order of all brands from social marketing companies these accounts could be used. Sometimes, it is possible to become famous on social media, so for this, it is important to post comments on social media. And for this purpose, having Gmail accounts are necessary. Another important reason for using Gmail accounts is that you can manage another email service through the help of Gmail.

Buy Gmail PVA accounts

Buy Gmail PVA accounts

There are two types of Gmail accounts, 1st is PVA accounts and 2nd is non-PVA accounts. Gmail PVA accounts are safe accounts rather than other accounts because these accounts are verified and are special for online business. The demand for these accounts is increasing all over the world because these accounts could be used in all places in the world. In case of disability of these accounts, it is possible to recover these accounts by numbers verification. These accounts are also used to increase the incredibility of the social marketing business. All experts of digital marketing advise to buy Gmail PVA accounts for increasing the power and size of online business. Through the use of Gmail PVA accounts, your online business will be remaining safe from those problems which are occurred due to the use of fewer quality accounts.

Can you buy Gmail accounts?

If you want to start a digital marketing business, then it is important to use any social media platform. And there is no other best option rather than Gmail. But you cannot create multiple numbers of Gmail accounts on a single phone number. So it is the best option to buy Gmail accounts.

Can I access an old Gmail account?

If you have lost your Gmail password then, you should visit on recovery page. Enter your email address and old password, but it is wrong and you have forgotten your password then you can recover it by phone number verifying and you should enter some important information. It is the best method of recovering an old Gmail account.

How can I find all my old Gmail accounts?

Sometimes it is possible to delete all your old Gmail accounts for creating new or due to any reason. Then you can recover these accounts only in 2 to 3 weeks. After this time, it is impossible to recover deleted accounts. To recover your accounts, you should need to use the help page that is available on Google.

How do I get rid of my old Gmail account?

It is easy to delete your Gmail account. For this purpose, visit on and press on data and personalization. There will be some options like download, delete and make a plan, etc. then you should select delete your account for getting rid of the Gmail account.

Do old email accounts get deleted?

When you use a Gmail account on proper basic then all your data remain to save in it. But when you ignore using it, after some time it becomes inactive and all old data deleted, but the account name remains safe. After 40 days remain inactive, the name of the account also deleted permanently.

Does a Gmail account expire?

Through a recent report of Google software product forum, Gmail accounts could be expired. But a specific time is given of it’s expire and it is about 9 months. If you leave to use a Gmail account for 90 days constantly then your account will expire.

How many Gmail accounts can I create in 1 day?

Google updates its system from time to time to make its service more effective. So due to the latest update of Google, you should create only 4 Gmail accounts for the same computer and the same phone number. Due to this reason, online companies buy Gmail accounts because it is impossible to create many numbers of Gmail accounts with the same phone number and IP address.

Can you have more than one Gmail account?

There is no policy created by Google to have a single Gmail account. So it is possible to have more than 1 Gmail accounts at the same. Anybody can use multiple Gmail accounts without any restrictions. For this purpose, Gmail also has the feature of multiple accounts sign-in the same device. So you can use more than one account on your device and all accounts should have their own settings.

What is the cost of a Gmail account?

Gmail is a free email service and it allows using 15 GB memory for different purposes with free. But if anyone wants to get more space than Gmail charge $5 per month of extra 30 GB and if you want unlimited data for your company then you should charge $10 per month.

Final thoughts

Buy old Gmail is necessary is the need for all those social marketing companies who want to participate in market competition. Because these accounts are reliable and also well-aged. So the accounts that have well aged are counted trusted accounts for social marketing business. Old Gmail accounts are used in different countries in the world. These accounts count as key tools for promoting products and it has large numbers of features that are used for the well-established social marketing business. These accounts are safe from any problems and all big companies prefer old Gmail accounts because accounts are guaranteed for digital marketing. It is impossible to create old Gmail accounts at any cost, so it should buy old Gmail from a trusted company that has all those services which are necessary for online business. Our online company is much famous in old Gmail accounts dealing.

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